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Thanks for coming to see our foster dogs! If you have any comments about any of them, please let us know.

And we love to hear from our adopters, so please update us! 

Message From: The Craftons July 1, 2019
It has been 4 years since we adopted Bryanne (formally named Hope 6) from your rescue. She has proven to be an exceptional addition to our pack. She is our first prey driven dog (bless the 2 squirrels and one rabbit that could not outrun her). She initially exhibited that drive on a 5 lb stray we adopted last September. We were not sure their relationship was going to work out. However we patiently perservered and now she and our tiny girl (Squiggy) are the best BFFs ever! Bry would have made an excellent Momma. We're glad we were at Petco the same day she was. Keep up the good work.

Message From: VEL CUESTAS June 29, 2019

Message From: Stacy L March 10, 2017
Reese formally known as Daphne who I adopted in September of 2011 is still doing great. My love for her is so strong. Shes a sweet baby girl and is finally loving to cuddle. We have been thru so much together. I'm so thankful to have her in my life. I love spoiling her. I took her to the vet last month for a check up and to get her shots and she has a good bill of health. I wish I could send/post a more updated picture of her.

Message From: MJ and Grace December 5, 2016
After 3 months with sweet Grace, I couldn't be happier to be a dog mom! She has been a faithful companion on road trips to 7 states already and loves time in the car! Grace tends to be nervous at first, but easily warms up to new places and people, and especially loves playing with other dogs! We are going through the aggressive heartworm treatment but hope she can finally be healthy and happy soon. I'm so happy our paths crossed and I'm able to have such a great dog 'Grace' my life!

Message From: Cheryl Simolke November 6, 2016
Nicest ladies to talk with. Helpful, Kind and knowledge. Thank You in advance for helping me get Ammo a Forever Home and Various Training CERTIFICATIONS with me.

Message From: Tyer Family August 31, 2016
We have had our sweet baby boy Ranger (formerly Meeko) for a week now. He has brought so much joy to our family! Thank you so much AARF for taking such good care of him. Y'all are a wonderful organization. I'm so glad to have come across you.

Message From: Stanley Family June 17, 2016
My husband and I adopted Ellie in September 2015. She was only 3 month young :) she is 1 yr old now and has grown into the most beautiful 64 pound girl you've ever seen! she has honey eyes and loves to have her head in your lap. We love her to death and couldn't imagine our crazy house and life without her. THANK YOU ADOPT A RESCUED FRIEND for granting me the privilege and opportunity to have the unconditional love and Loyalty from my Ellie!

Message From: Chas and Brandon March 23, 2016
I think it is wonderful what you all do for these animals. I hope to find my fur child here.

Message From: Rosemary March 3, 2016
Jackson's story really touched my heart and I would like to come visit him and bring a small check to help out with his medical bills. I would love to adopt him, but cannot take another dog at this time. I have a two senior dogs at the moment with health issues. I feel Jackson may need someone to love and pet him and establish a trust with him to get him a more socialized. Hopefully he can find some wonderful foster or adoptive parents. He looks as if he could use a friend to care about him in order to build trust in people again. It is my understanding he has been alone and foraging for himself for a while. I had planned to stop by the animal hospital last week, but was asked to babysit my sick 11 month old twins and then I caught their respiratory infection I have RA, so I don't bounce back as quickly as they do. Thanks Kindly

Message From: Kedrin Deetz February 27, 2016
Thanks for steering me here Candi!

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